BFAM Brand was founded in Summer 2013, when 3 friends Michal “EGO” Straka, Martin Brna & Marek Frič tried to create merch clothing for rap singer Michal “EGO” Straka.

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These friends was met in skybar with name “Heaven” where the brand BFAM a.k.a. Brothers from another Mothers was born and began to write the history. First shooting was in Miami, where was created our first handmade trucker cap, which has become very popular..

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Everyone in BFAM Team are heavily influenced by hectic LIFESTYLE OF FESTIVALS, BEATS, TRAVEL, FRIENDS, STREET, EXTREM SPORTS, which inspired us all around the world. We are extremely particular about the finer details of our designs, the application of NEW/UNIQUE fabric and finishing processes, and leaving nothing to chance in the pursuit of quality.

Sometimes our collections is created in cooperations with our “Friends of Brand”, who bring their own vision of originality into our clothing.

We try to create “Family Brand” and unite people for a better world, because everyone of us could be your BROTHER and it is doesn’t matter, if you have ANOTHER MOTHER.

So be BFAM Family!