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“This is a totally relaxing holiday. No photography, no obligations. It’s a win the contest Miss Slovakia and believe that girls take it in 100 percent,”with a smile said new director of Miss Slovakia, Chomisteková Carolina (20). Natives and tourists in the resort where the beauties currently staying, must be excited. So many perfect babes in one place definitely has not seen before. Beauties in Turkey have caused a bang. Wow, this is a sight for the gods, saying everybody!

Miss Slovakia in sunny Turkey sunbathe their sexy bodies: Which is the most beautiful hunkers?

Autor: row, Nový Čas

Autor: Daniel Chomistek, gt

Thanks to all of you Ladies 🙂

Barbara Fakundiny

Adriana Hodossyova

Bronislava Gregusova

Barbora Bakosova

Laura Hajdusikova

Simona Leskovska

Kristina Rohacekova & Barbara Fakundiny

Kristina Rohacekova

Bronislava Gregusova

Laura Hajdusikova

Nicole Naelova